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In today's article, I am going to discuss what is a link or what is a link, what is the function of a link, where is a link used.

Friends, nowadays in this age of internet we often hear the word link anywhere.

For example: We often say that what is the link of that news or in the case of social media websites we say what is the link of their Facebook page or what is the link of their YouTube channel?

And we share these links in different places on social media.

So if you want to know what link means or how link works and how it is used then I am going to tell you about it below.

Link (Link) word is the abbreviation of Hyperlink (Hyperlink) word.

So let's find out below what is a hyperlink?

What is a hyperlink? (What is Hyperlink in Bengali)

What is the link?

A link (abbreviation of hyperlink) is a type of HTML object and when clicked on it helps to enter a new place on the web.

Every web page on the internet has a link.

To put it simply, the text that needs to be typed in the web browser to access a website is called a link.

In simpler terms, a website address is called a link.

For example: Our website link is https://itjano.xyz and if you want to enter my site then you have to type this address in your web browser. After browsing you can enter our website.

If you don't know what is a website, then our blog has already written an article on what is a website that you can read.

Another name of link is URL Address. (full form of URL Uniform Resource Locator)

For example, YouTube's URL address or Link is youtube.com

And the Facebook login link is facebook.com

If we want to enter these websites directly using the browser, then we have to browse by typing the URL or Domain name of that site in the address bar of the browser.

Above I have told you about the direct web address or link of a website.

Now let's learn about hypertext or hyperlink HTML object.

Rules for creating websites with mobile for free

What kind of links are there? (Types of Links)

As we know, some HTML elements are text, images etc.

Links are usually added to text, image and other HTML elements.

Almost all text links are blue in color. This is a standard color that browsers display for any link.

But the link can be any color, if the link text is customized using HTML and CSS code.

In the early days of the web, link text was underlined. But currently the use of underline under the link is not seen much.

What is the World Wide Web (WWW)?

How does the link work? (How link works)

You are now reading the article “Link Key” on my website. In the article, you usually see the text in black color and in addition, you see some text or writing in blue color.

These words in blue color are added through hyperlinks. That is, another webpage of my website is connected with this webpage through this hypertext or hyperlink.

If you click on these words, another new webpage or article connected to that text will open in your browser.

Then it is called “hypertext or hyperlink or link.”

So a hyperlink is a process by which a webpage can be linked to other webpages using the html link tag (the address of another webpage is linked through hypertext by the link tag).

What is a web page?

Clicking on those link texts will open the connected webpage in the browser.

Links are not only added through text, hyperlinks are also added through images.

When the HTML Link Tag is applied on top of an image, the image tag is placed inside the link tag, so the image acts as a link and the image is clicked on to the targeted webpage.

So we know that links are created in different ways.

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