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What Is an HTTP Request?

An HTTP request is made from a client to a host located on the server in order to receive a resource needed to build the content.

When they make a request, clients use a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that contains the information needed to access the server resources. HTTP Request Structure

An HTTP request is made out of three components: request line, headers and message body. Request Line

The request line or start line is sent by the client in order to start the action on the server. It includes the following elements:

an HTTP method. the request-target which can be a URI or an URL to either a path or a protocol. URI is an identifier for a specific page, while the URL is a special type of identifier that can also contain information about how to access the resource. the HTTP version that defines the structure of the remaining message.


The HTTP header allows for additional information to be passed between server and client such as cookies, information about the authorization token, or user agent using a special string that helps server identify client browser and OS version..

Similar to the same basic structure of an HTTP request, the HTTP headers are case-sensitive and are followed by a colon (‘:’) and a value. Message Body

The server uses the message body to deliver the information back to the client. The message body contains the information, the request line, headers, an empty line, and the message body that is optional.

While not all requests have a body, the ones that do, often use POST to deliver the payload.

How Do HTTP Requests Work?

HTTP requests are the primary way of communicating between a client and a server. Once the client makes a request, the server validates the request and acts according to the request method delivering an HTTP response which, similarly to the request, contains a status line, a header, and a message body.

Here’s how a simple response would look like: TTP/1.1 200 OK HTTP Request Methods

An HTTP request method is a way to indicate the desired action to be performed by a resource. While some of them are nouns, HTTP methods are referred to as verbs. At the same time, they are case-sensitive and always written in upper case. There are various HTTP request methods, each having its own purpose:.

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