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How To Earn Money As A Student In Bangladesh Having extra income can make your student life easier. And at the same time, it can help you to support your family.

So whether you want to pay your own expenses or support your family, you’ll have to do something to make money as a student.

It’s neither easy nor impossible. A lot of students are making money to support their family, studentship, and personal expenses.

Here in Bangladesh, there are a handful number of ways you can earn money as a student.

In this post, I’ll be sharing how to earn money as a student in Bangladesh without sacrificing your study. Ways To Earn Money As Student

1. Become A Tutor

2. Become An Online Instructor

3. Freelancing

4. Part-Time Jobs

5. Start A Startup

1. Become A Tutor

Tutoring students with previous academic knowledge and personal subject expertise brings opportunities for students to sell their teachings and restore their previous knowledge with a good medium of practicing.

In Bangladesh, almost every student during their graduate phase starts tutoring students of schools, colleges and even other grad-students.

In that regard, starting a part-time job as a teacher in schools can add real-time experience of teaching on traditional academic platforms. Tutoring is one of the best choices for a student to earn money with better learning outputs.

There are some online sites that create linkage between the tutor and guardian, who are seeking the best tutors for their children on different subjects and mediums. The common hassles of finding a tuition has come to easy access through these online sites and their services providing well-equipped information. Here are a few best online sites for your tutoring choices.




2. Become An Online Instructor The Corona pandemic has made us believe that nothing somewhat institutional or physical presence is mandatory for earning money or even acquiring education in Bangladesh.

Because you can always expand your horizon of teaching with the newly practiced way of online instruction as an instructor, which gives you ample chances to earn staying at home. Becoming an online instructor and teaching thousands of learning to stay at home has always been the comfortable way of earning for a student; this pandemic has just added an extra mileage to this opportunity.

Here are some of the e-learning platforms:




3. Freelancing As a part of rapid digitalization inception in Bangladesh, the freelancing jobs has acquired a significant boom in this line of income. Every year more than 500,000 active freelancers in Bangladesh generate $100 million contributing in national income, being the second-largest supplier of online labour in the world, according to ICT Division of Bangladesh.

Most among these skilled freelancers have started or started their freelancing journey as a student. Freelancers who are students can earn more than 20-30k based on their expertise on relevant areas. Students can earn swiftly staying at home, taking the following fields as their freelancing job.

Content Writing

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Video Editing

4. Part-Time Jobs Part-Time jobs are one the easiest paths to earn a steady flow of income as a student, this also provides the chances to acquire work experience which might add a good value to your work resume.

In addition, part-time jobs give a secure way to earn a specified amount of earning upon job completion. Nowadays, many workplaces’ increased demands to sell services doubled due to this quarantine, which increased the opportunity for students to earn cash in a reliable way following proper hygiene.

Gym Trainer

Work In Grocery Store

Call Center

Sales Man

Event Planning

Delivery Man

5. Start A Startup

Starting a startup as a student has the best of its results to flourish the entrepreneur in oneself. Launching a startup is a multi-benefitting package for a student- it gives them title to work as an owner rather than selling their services to someone else or a company, it gives them courage to enunciate a business, and a way to earn better with big profit once settled.

In Bangladesh, students are starting different startups during their studentship because it takes less investment and location risks. We can see many examples of current days through below mentioned startups that are blooming into successes in Bangladesh, opening a great source of income for students.

Review Websites

Gourmet Cooking

YouTube Channel

Online Bookshops

Clothing and Handmade Goods Conclusion

Earning money as a student has created an open competition for the future economy of Bangladesh controlling unemployment rate towards possibilities. Earning money as a student requires feasible income opportunity and this opportunity comes in handy, when the work seeker has the expertise and skills, which the job needs.

Students should also focus on developing their skills on particular skills they might require to excel in their work and income

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