All the terms of the movie print, What does it mean with a print?

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First I will know about the print of the movie

💬 CamRip / DVDScr / PREDVDRip / DesiCam / HDCam / HDTS

Although their names are different, they are all almost the same. All are hall print. Camrip, DVD-screen, Desirip are the lowest quality prints. Pre-DVDrip, HDcam, HDTS are all good quality prints. It looks pretty good.

💬 HDTC print

It is a type of print that is ripped from a movie reel. This means that the movie is ripped directly from the reel by a good camera. And the sound is used externally. It has good sound and print.

Analog to Digital Print | HDRip, HDTV, TVRip, PDTV, DTH, SDTV, SAT, DVBR

Etc. All files are ripped from analog source. For example, it is recorded by inserting a TV card in the TV. These are the files. However, not all files have the same quality.

HDRip, HDTV, SAT, DVBR and PDTV are very good quality prints. It is very clear.

DTH, TVRIP These files are not so good at all. These files contain advertisements. For which we see herbal advertisements in various movie files: p

Russian Rapid | R5 / R5.LINE / R5.AC3.5.1.HQ

Simply put, TELECINE prints from countries where English is not the main language. However, here digital prints are brought directly from the film, then often English audio is collected and added from any other print, excluding the local language. Probably Russian encoders do it. Wikipedia has a great article on this.

Web File – Digital Print | WEB-DL | WEB-RIP | WEB-HD

WEB-DL is a copy of the original digital file. Movies or files we get from iTunes, Amazon, NetFlix. Those are the WEB-DL files. These files are better than any DVDrip file. If iTunesRip is written in these files then it should be understood that it is ripped from iTunes. If you have AMZN WEB-DL, you must understand the file of Amazon Prime. If you have WEB-DL NF, you should understand that it is a Netflix file.

WEB-HD / WEBRIP is the e-streaming version of digital print. This is not bad either. However, since it is a steaming file, the quality is not so good. Because, in online streaming, less data is given to the file, so that it can be streamed even if it is slow internet.

💬 Pay Per View | PPVRip

Pay Per View – Simply put paid telecast content. Like WEB-DL. Sources from which digital files are available. Those files are WEB-DL and again PPV. The only difference is that the movies that have not been released for DVD, only the digital print that has been paid, the PPV file.

💬 DDC Print | Copy of digital print

Digital Distribution Copy or This is called Downloadable / Direct Digital Content. This is a copy of digital print. This copy is not so good but it is better than print. Again files sent with IP or FTP and DDC.

💬 VODRip | Video on demand

Same to Same Amazon, Netflix, iTunes. Digital print The online media that releases digital content is VODRip. These come out as WEB-DL.

💬 WEBcap | WEB-CAP

This is the process of skin recording the streaming file. Diameter. Nothing more.


Everyone is familiar with this print. A file is released on DVD before the masterprint or BluRay release of any movie, its size is less. The quality is much better since the official file. It basically depends on the source = the original file of the movie. If the original file is good then DVD copy is also good. And to rip this DVD file is DVDRip. It is usually 720P.

💬 BluRay | BRRip | BDRip | BDREMUX | BD25 | BD9 | BD5 | BDMV | BD50

Etc. All the files are the original Blu-ray files of the movie. This is the original file of the movie.

BluRay, BRRip = BluRay Rip, BDRip = BluRay Disk Rip These are all the same.

BDREMUX = All original movie files are merged into separate files, where the file size is reduced by removing unnecessary files from the movie’s original file.

The Blu-ray file of any movie is a shiny file with original audio.

– Here it is. This was the type of movie print. Now I will know about codec. 3

⚡ XviD – Old codec. Not much use is seen nowadays. The file size of this codec is much larger, but the file is not so good. Because, less data can be kept.

⚡ H264 / X264 –
This is a stable video codec and very old. It can store more data with less storage.

⚡ H265 / X265 / HEVC – The popular file codec of the current generation. Because, it can store a lot of data in very low storage. If the size of any file in x264 codec is 2 GB. Then in HEVC it ​​comes to 1300-1400 MB.

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